Neo Designs

Rosanna Contadini of Rome started her creative career as a ceramic designer, but in 2007, in her quest for new and unusual material to work with, she discovered Neoprene yarn in a hardware store. She asked herself if she could knit with it, and Neo, the company, was stitched into existence.

Rosanna weaves the Neo story well: “All products are handmade in Italy, following traditional techniques: knitting, crocheting, weaving, knotting. All women work at home, here in Rome,” which gives the company as nice a feel as the soft but durable finished products.

Neo bags are “a combination of tradition, modern design and industrial materials. The Neoprene is normally used for industrial purposes, like gaskets etc. We invented a reuse of this material that is very resistant, strong and velvety,” Rosanna says.


Rosanna Contadini's Products