Kent Stetson

I believe that a great handbag can engage people in the same way as art. In 2003, as a framing experiment, I formed one of my two-dimensional pieces into a handbag. Since then, handbags have become my medium and I have created unique designs for collectors throughout the world. When you acquire a bag that I have made, you become a patron of an unusual kind of art. 

When completed, I sign the inside of the bag. A lot of joy goes into creating each bag.I craft each handbag in my studio in Providence, Rhode Island. I create an image, which is then digitally-printed on to canvas. Next, I coat the printed-canvas before finally cutting and sewing the bag. I have spent 10 years developing this process, which is a blend of technological innovation and traditional craftsmanship. The components of each bag are primarily American-made.



Kent Stetson's Products